Full grooming is all-inclusive:

A bath with shampoos and conditioners selected specifically for your pet's skin and coat

Fluff drying (concerned about drying safety issues? So are we. Please visit our safety page to read about our safety and sanitation protocols.)

Nails trimmed (dremel filing is not included, but is available for well-behaved pets for a $10 fee)

Ears cleaned (plucking is done at our discretion and may not be done if the ears appear inflamed)

Check anal glands (may be expressed as needed, but please discuss this with us if your pet has a history of anal gland issues)

Excess shedding coat removed and/or complete brush and comb out (this includes light detangling as needed, but pets deemed excessively tangled must agree to a short clip or they will be refused service)

Sanitary trim around eyes, feet, private areas (for medium to long-haired pets)

All-over trimming and styling

Full grooms are priced according to the amount of work involved and will vary based on your pet's size, coat type and condition, haircut style, and behavior. Visit our pricing page for grooming examples. All price quotes are subject to change based on the actual condition and behavior of your pet during its grooming. Although we will do our best to give you an accurate quote at drop off, your final price will not be set until after the groom is complete.

Please note: We do not offer bath-only service or full grooms without a bath.

We offer the following between-grooming services:

Nail trim: $10

Anal gland expression: $10

Sanitary (shave around eyes, paw pads, private areas plus a nail trim): $20

Nail trim + dremel filing: $20

There is a $5 discount for pets getting two or more between-grooming services. All services require an appointment.